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Arch Pain

The foot has three arches – medial (inside), lateral (outside) and transverse (across the ball of the foot). The most common presentation of arch pain is that through the medial arch. The medial arch comprises several bones which are supported by ligaments and tendons. When the inside area of the foot is injured or overused, pain can occur.  


There a several causes of arch pain, the most common are:

Plantar Fasciitis – Usually felt under the heel bone and through the arch, plantar fasciitis is inflammation in the large tissue that runs from the heel to the toes, usually caused by overuse or injury. This injury can occur in sports players as well as less active people who are usually trying to increase their activity. 

Tibialis posterior tendonitis or dysfunction – The tibialis posterior tendon attaches part of the calf muscle to the inside arch of the foot. The tendon acts as a support mechanism to the arch of the foot but when under stress or pressure, the tendon can become inflamed and stretch or even tear. The injury will cause the arch of the foot to drop or collapse over time. 

Ankle pronation – When the ankle rolls in, body weight and ground reaction forces can increase the pressure or load through the medial arch. When joints, ligaments and tendons are under high loads of stress, pain or injury can occur. 


Treatment of arch pain starts with a thorough medical history and physical examination to pinpoint the origin of the pain. Many questions will be asked regarding your current exercise regime and what footwear you wear each day, as these can play a part in your arch pain.  

The aim of the treatment is to reduce the strain on the arch in order for it to heal. Reduction of the strain can come from strapping, footwear modification, exercise modification, orthotic therapy and strengthening exercises.

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